About the project
Morocco Journey is a new travel agency in Morocco. The agency takes tourists on trips of adventure and discovery through the desert where anyone can feel free. They intend to attract young people as their main audience although they are open for any age. For these reasons the branding development had to work. They realised that it was very important to have a good concept. 
Morocco Journey needed a modern and simple look that could easily be recognized and draw attention, especially to young adults. The concept brings together several Moroccan inspirations, from the colors to the patterns, from the architecture to the ancient culture. Even the typography was important to have a Morrocan style. I also wanted to represent the tourists vision and activities that they could have. The idea was to create several icons that represented Morocco Journey and that could be changed in the center of the logo according to each activity, for an example a Jeep icon for the Jeep tours. Unfortunately, the budget wasn't enough to continue so we decided to keep the "eye" that represents the eye of the tourist, the discovery and also, it is an important symbol for the Morrocan community. 
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