Client: Conway Baxter Wilson LLP
Project: Band strategy, logo design, stationery design, website and social media design

Agency: Cubicle Fugitive
My Role: Art Director & Graphic Designer

The Project Overview
In 2014, Conway emerged as a new venture, borne from the creative minds of Thomas Conway, Colin Baxter, and David Wilson. Departing from a larger corporate entity, they sought to embark on a distinctive journey. To kickstart their branding evolution, they collaborated with a local marketing agency to craft a fresh logo and an innovative website. These initial endeavors served them well for a while, but as the years passed, Conway recognized the need for a comprehensive rebranding. Their values had evolved, and it was time to realign their image accordingly.
The existing website had grown outdated, and the logo no longer represented the essence of the firm. This was the perfect moment for Conway to redefine their brand identity, setting them apart from their previous incarnation. In addition to the revitalization of their brand and web presence, Conway was undergoing a series of internal changes that required a strategic and meticulous approach.
One significant transformation was the streamlining and modernization of their name, shifting from Conway Baxter Wilson LLP/SRL to the sleek and succinct "Conway." Simultaneously, they aimed to create a website that accurately reflected the exceptional quality of service and the expertise of their lawyers, positioning them as industry leaders in litigation.
Notably, Conway is a unique entity in that many of their lawyers, as well as clients, are bilingual. This distinctive feature called for a website with multilingual capabilities, designed to be easily maintained by their in-house team
The Strategy 
Conway enlisted Cubicle Fugitive to explore, articulate, and promote a distinctive brand identity that would resonate with current and potential clients, partners, and team members. This journey involved exhaustive research into Conway and its competitors, aiming to pinpoint a significant, relevant, and enduring competitive edge to steer decision-making and actions. Cubicle Fugitive conducted in-depth competitor website audits and consulted best practices within the industry to craft a compelling brand positioning for Conway.
At its essence, Conway comprises individuals deeply passionate about the law, possessing both academic rigour and an innate ability to grasp the unspoken nuances within their clients' needs. They navigate the ever-shifting legal landscape with foresight and strategic prowess, reinterpreting the law through a creative lens while comprehending the intricacies of all involved parties. This unique strength forms the cornerstone of the firm's identity.
The foundation was laid for a robust brand and a fresh visual identity that embodies the sharp and decisive litigation counsel and reputation established by the firm. 
The New Logo
Following the formulation of the brand strategy, we collaborated with Conway to breathe new life into their logo. The initial step entailed establishing a robust foundation for a brand identity that mirrors the sharp and resolute litigation expertise and reputation cultivated by the firm's talented team.
Incorporating a subtle arrow, the logo signifies Conway's role in illuminating the path for their clients. It embodies their forward-thinking and dynamic approach to the law, conveying a sense of progression and their commitment to pioneering the way. The Noir Pro typeface, drawing inspiration from early 20th-century geometric typefaces, infuses a contemporary aesthetic with an organic, warm undertone. The bold and distinct angles within the design epitomize the sharp and precise nature of Conway's legal practitioners. In unison, these design elements yield a logo that exudes both modernity and progressiveness while retaining an air of prestige and timeless allure.
The New Website
Upon completing the brand strategy process, Cubicle Fugitive collaborated closely with Conway to translate this newly defined brand into a web design that impeccably captured the essence of the firm. We commenced with an audit of the existing website content, conducted thorough competitor analysis, and engaged in comprehensive keyword research to formulate optimal site structure and tailored recommendations. 
The final design eloquently reflects the firm's nuanced approach to the legal domain, affirming its leadership in litigation. Vibrant pops of purple enliven monochromatic pages, subtly guiding the user down the homepage with engaging animations. To maintain a harmonious and unified brand experience, the iconic triangle design from the logo was seamlessly integrated into the website design. As part of the project scope, we also crafted a new Mandates database to showcase the firm's significant and impactful work. The website boasts a revamped Updates section, intelligently interlinked across various segments, seamlessly connecting People and Expertise, ensuring a cohesive and immersive user journey.
Social Media Design
In the culminating phase of the project, we orchestrated the unveiling of the revitalized brand and website to external stakeholders. To achieve this, we embarked on the creation of a unified social media identity for the firm. This endeavor began with a comprehensive audit of the firm's existing social media channels, enabling us to strategize the most effective optimization for each platform, complete with updated photography and meticulously crafted copywriting. We also facilitated the seamless transition of the new brand onto a collection of tailor-made social media templates, empowering the client to effortlessly uphold and evolve their brand identity internally in the future.
Stationery Design
Incorporating the newly defined brand, we meticulously crafted a sophisticated stationery design that harmonized with Conway's refreshed identity. This included business cards, letterheads, and other essential materials, ensuring a cohesive and professional brand presence across all their communication materials.
"Cubicle Fugitive was amazing to work with, and we knew it from the beginning of the engagement. It’s hard to pick one thing I most appreciated, but I liked that they were very forward-thinking and creative in their approach." 
Managing Director, Conway Litigation
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